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Energy audit of the building is the systematic analysis of the actual energy consumption, the state of energy systems and maintenance in order to identify and implement measures for the rational use of energy, raising energy efficiency and the installation of renewable energy sources.

Energy audit includes:

  • an overview of the energy flows and analysis of the energy situation and energy management,
  • presentation of potential energy efficiency measures and
  • analysis of selected energy efficiency measures.

We select the most appropriate type of energy audit for you that depends on the industry to which your company or institution belong, type of building and individual location. According to the purpose and scope of energy audits, we perform the following energy audits:

  • Preliminary audit - the most simple form of energy audit, the analysis is made on the basis of a one-day visit to a company or building and on the basis of data on energy consumption, collected with the help of a questionnaire;

  • Simplified energy audit - is recommended for simple and easily understandable examples;

  • Extended energy audit - an audit that requires a detailed analysis of a company or building and includes precise calculations of energy requirements and a detailed analysis of selected measures for energy efficiency.
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