Addressing poor energy performance of public buildings is at the core of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive - EED and Energy Performance Building Directive - EPBD, but it is also becoming a growing financial issue in central European countries. In order to address this issue, eCentral will support key stakeholders in better understanding benefits of nZEB - nearly Zero Energy Buildings. The project will prove that the nZEB approach, although innovative, is an optimal and cost-effective solution for the renovation and construction of public buildings.

Project aims to capitalise on results of previous and ongoing EU initiatives. Austria has a proven track record with nZEB renovation projects and will be leading other implementing partners (CRO, SLO, HUN) by example. Transnational cooperation will be used to receive maximum international visibility of selected pilot actions.

Basic data about the project:

Programme: Interreg Central Europe

Project acronym: eCentral

Project title: Energy Efficient Public Buildings in Central Europe

Start date: 01.09.2017

Project duration: 30 months 

Project budget: 2.676,335,80 € (KSSENA budget: 269.367,00 €)

Lead partner: North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency

Partnership: 8 partners from 5 European countries