Project aim is to give its contribution in increasing of present and future generations of secondary schools students’ skills and competences to face different challenges in everyday social life from different perspective and to become active members of their local communities.

The project is developing a new innovative students-centered educational approach as opportunity for secondary schools' students to observe “real life” situations from multiple perspectives students will have to organize own Virtual town and also to think as an active members of its virtual community and to develop own strategies in finding appropriate solution for faced challenges from the aspect of authorities as well as from interest of community.

Basic data about the project:

Programme: Erasmus+

Project acronym: My Virtual Town

Project title: Education system - democratic force that helps to prepare students to actively participate in all aspects of economical, environment and social life in local communities

Start date: 1. 10. 2018

Project duration: 24 months 

Project budget: 178.327,00 € (KSSENA budget: 21.012,00 €)

Lead partner: SDRUZENIE Tzentar za Ustoychivost i Ikonomichensko Razvitie (CSEG)

Partnership: 9 partners from 3 European countries