The ENTRAIN project was co-financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE transnational program, the main objective of which was to promote structural cooperation between public authorities and key stakeholders at the transnational level and to extend knowledge of the systematic, integrated and efficient design of small district heating systems in 5 target regions (IT, DE, HR, SI, PL) based on renewable heat sources (solar energy, biomass, waste heat, heat pumps and geothermal energy).

The end results helped to reduce CO2 and fossil fuel emissions, improved local air quality and brought socio-economic benefits for local communities by growing technical expertise and putting investment in innovative financial tools into operation.

The ENTRAIN project launched investments in the construction or renovation of nine district heating networks and the preparation of nine heat planning studies, together with the development of three innovative local and regional financing schemes and the adaptation and adoption of the existing Austrian QM Holzheizwerke quality management system in at least three target regions.

Basic data about the project:

Programme: Interreg Central Europe

Project acronym: ENTRAIN

Project title: ENhancing renewable heaT planing for improving the aiR quAlity of commuNities

Start date: 1. 4. 2019

Project duration: 36 months 

Project budget: 2.446.585,00 € (KSSENA budget: 214.210,00 €)

Lead partner: Ambiente Italia srl

Partnership: 11 partners from 6 European countries