On 11th and 12th of October, project partners from H2MA project – Green Hydrogen Mobility for Alpine Region Transportation, gathered in Torino, Italy. Their meeting was dedicated especially to interactive workshop – organisational and thematic guidelines for the joint development of the ‘H2MA planning tool’ and also about relevant and on-going activities within the project.

We are happy to announce that the first period of the H2MA project is successfully completed!

H2MA is the name of the European Project started in November 2022 that aim to accelerate the transnational roll-out of green hydrogen mobility infrastructure in the Alpine region, in collaboration with 11 partners from 5 different European countries. To know more about this project, read our previous article here

Celje deals with heavily polluted air, which is the result of several factors such as industrial activity, heavy transit traffic, high number of old and inefficient individual heating systems and building stock, and unfortunate climate conditions related to its location in a valley. The municipality was thus in great need of developing a new local energy concept (LEK) and strategy to reduce Celje‘s energy consumption and CO2 emissions and to increase its use of renewable energy sources (RES), ultimately improving the overall air quality.

We would kindly invite you to read our 12nd issue of project TARGET-CE Newsletter. You can find it here.

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KSSENA is partner in the project TARGET-CE (Capitalizing and exploiting energy efficiency solutions throughout cooperation in Central European cities). The project aims to become an energy efficiency flagship in central European region, offering the solutions for public buildings on a unique web platform.

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